What We Stand For

Vahry are New Zealand based and are recognised in the community and media outlets as being progressive, innovative and community minded.

Being a value based financial services company in the Waikato, we are focused on shaping better futures through the provision of progressive and innovative insurance products and full wrap around services.

Vahry will be there for you with a focus on you and your people. 

We will tailor an insurance solution for you and will provide personal support throughout the process.

Vahry are committed to client partners and works tirelessly to understand their needs, focus on growing their futures, and manage the underling risks and does so in an authentic and transparent way. 

At Our Very Core

The belief people should not be defined by their upbringing or circumstance. We all possess the ability within ourselves or with support from the community around us, to change our situation so we can ‘shape the best version of ourselves’. For when we are all truly living our best life, being our best person, we naturally lift up all those around us too, so society as a whole benefits. We are a product of the previous generation, and each generation must strive to be better than the last.

Meet Julia Vahry

Julia founded VAHRY with the fundamentals that ‘people matter’.

After nearly 10 years in the New Zealand Police, Julia experienced the worst tragedies on the front-line seeing first-hand how lives can change within seconds.

Insurance is an incredible tool which can shape better futures and pass on inter-generational wealth and change family cycles. 

New Zealander’s are not prepared and prioritise insuring their material belongings over themselves. 

This “She’ll be right’’ attitude has to change. 

Julia is an active member within the Waikato community, founding the highly publicised Step up and Save Lives campaigns in partnership with the New Zealand Blood Service to drive Hamilton to be the blood donor capital of New Zealand, in order to empower people to give and work together to save and improve lives. 

Julia is a Mother of 3, 2 large dogs and a Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year community hero medalist. 

Who We Work With